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About Us


Alicia Rose Designs is a Hampshire based creative design studio and the destination for modern interior styling.

 We specialise in bespoke handmade interiors, soft furnishings, homewares, fashion accessories and gifts; made from original and hand printed unique artwork. The artwork is inspired by a great love of tonal colour, ombre designs, texture and a passion for imperfection. Our variety of colour options and designs allows the work to mix and match with each other to create a maximalist explosion of colour, or individually as a statement piece to brighten up a room.



'I have always loved the freedom of expression through textiles. I enjoy the whole creative process of art and design; taking an initial concept and designing something that is unique and tangible. There’s nothing better than seeing something I have designed come to life, and being involved in the whole creative process.' ~ Chloe

Chloe Alicia Rose’s love of design developed through her Textile BA (Hons) Degree at Winchester School of Art, specialising in screenprint and pattern design, followed by a Master’s Degree in Textiles from The University For The Creative Arts. As an exhibiting designer at Premiere Vision Paris, her passion for design eventually led her into the interiors world, working with Interior Design companies. This enables her to turn her ideas into reality. With her background working for interior design and soft furnishing companies, creating Alicia Rose Designs has culminated Chloe’s love of print and making items with her designs. 


How We Work

At Alicia Rose Designs we focus on quality not quantity. Functioning as a small studio, this means most of our handmade products are limited editions as we function on short batch runs. This makes each item very unique!
Sometimes popular items come back in stock but they may have a slight variation, such as a different trim or backing fabric, as we love mixing up our designs and product options.


We launch new products at our next event and anything left makes its way to the website for everyone to purchase. We also do irregular online drops, so keep your eye on our social media so you don't miss out! We genuinely love what we do and our passion shows right through the design process and into all our products, which is why we like to keep each item special.

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